Custom-made industries of value and innovation.

Handicrafts are considered one of the most important and desirable products in our current time, as they are pieces that have more meaning due to the individual effort put into each piece and the stunning results obtained in obtaining rare and non-replicable pieces. Each piece tells a special story of intellectual effort and the burden of execution, which requires a lot of time and skill, making them of higher material value than other industrial products. In order to obtain high-quality handmade products, we must carefully select the raw materials. Here at Mecal, high-quality raw materials are selected from the beginning stages to the end stages, with a focus on the threads used, the type of leather, wood, and all the raw materials that can be used in the production of any product, whether it is from company products or accessories. All of them are subject to inspection and auditing. The workforce is the main element of efficiency and success of the products and is the essential complement to the quality of the raw materials. When someone specializes in employing high-quality raw materials and the practical application of these materials, we obtain high-efficiency products with high value. Therefore, we have assigned skilled craftsmen for each category of our products to ensure quality, accuracy, speed, and preservation of the production line. We have experts in decoration, leather handling and allocation, carpenters, specialists in the manufacture of rare art pieces, and let us not forget the specialists in the manufacture of accessories.

Fashion and Seasons.

Men’s accessories are one of the most important complements to a man’s look, as materials used in their manufacture have diversified and varied, such as leather, stainless steel, various metal materials, and precious stones, which are considered to be the most luxurious types of accessories due to their different meanings and not to mention their luxurious appearance and attractive colors.


With the change of seasons and fashion, many modern designs emerge to keep up with this development. For example, winter accessories differ from summer accessories, and they differ from one occasion to another, undoubtedly. In winter, men tend to choose pieces with darker colors and heavier materials to complement the elegant look with the warmth of winter colors. In summer, the trend is towards pieces with lighter materials to be more suitable for summer atmospheres and weather factors. When going on vacation to the beach, we choose accessories with bright colors and light materials such as beads and threads to complete a lively and passionate look. At Mikal, the summer collection is carefully designed in terms of selecting materials, colors, precious stones used, in addition to the unique designs that keep up with fashion.


‎Events and activities abound in the summer season, and each occasion has its own dress code. It is possible that we go out in the morning for a camping trip, yoga, and sports, which requires us to wear a certain outfit and complete the look with some light hand accessories. After that, we can attend a business lunch in practical and semi-formal clothes with some light accessories and complementing necklaces for the look. Then we go to a luxurious dinner to wear a formal dress that requires more luxurious accessories, and we find all the choices we want at Mikal, where there are many options that suit all times and occasions.